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Vignesh Velu

A Goal Oriented & Self Motivated Individual, Looking For the Opoortunity to Grow the Organisation with my skills & Knowledge on Product Development & Design where to enhance & upgrade my skills

Dedicated & Focused Entrepreneur Who is more focused on Company Goal & vision, Implementing the various Strategy & Prioritizing the best solution by usability Study & Other Prioritizing Framework & Generate Sucess to the product


Vignesh Velu

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Developed a solution on pandemic situation on Essential Delivery of serving 4,829 Loyal Customers & Generating a Revenue of Nearly 20Million

Earned 3 times Best Staff of the Quarter & REwarded 6 times for Best Performer Imedietly with Portal Recognition

Developed & Initiated a Solution on Charger Box Volvo A/C Coaches Development Process

Instrest & Hobbies


Outdoor, Portrait & Nature photography


Explore Nature & different Culture & Nature of living,

Home Decor

Applying Creative thinking make place attractive

Tech Savvy

Being updated on tech News & content

Outdoor Activities

Street Cricket & Sports, walking & Gym workout

Work Experience

Fullmart Logo

Operational Manager

Fullmart India

Dec 2019 - SEP 2022 (3Yrs)

Roles & Responsibility

Resource Managemnet:- By Maintaining the Minimum Requirements For Day to Day Operations And Eliminating Abstract During Operation for Customer Satisfaction

Site Optimization: Optimizing The Load-Time Of website, & Optimizing the Content the actually increases the Abstarcts The Speed of website

Customer Handling: Ensureing Orders Reaches On time To the Customer Customer & The Right Product is delivered to them

Marketing :- Marketing by Different Channels & Conveying Availability & offers of the products 

Developing Bussiness Stategy: Minimizing the Operating Cost And Considering the Offers And Generating the profits

Handling Delivery Agents: Ensuring handling Delivery agents that they Deliver in the proper Direction and exact delivery location Deliverd without Damage

Designing Of Ui Components: Considering Customer FeedBacks And Designing Website For The usage Accordingly


Was Been First in Building the Ecommerce Website in our City

Was Able to Generate A revenue Of 2 Million in 2 Years

Developed A Solution During Pandemic that Actually needed By Many Customers

Skills Developed

Bussiness Analytics

Bussiness Strategy

Designing Cencepts

Site Optimization

Resource Management

Customer Handling

Customer Satisfaction


Ground Force Officer

Interglobe Aviation PVT.LTD.,(INDIGO AIRLINES)

Dec 2019 - SEP 2022 (3Yrs)

Roles & Responsibility

Airside Safety Operations: Responsible To Ensure And Enhance Airside Safety And Quality Assurance in Ground Handling Safety Procedures 

Aircraft Security Measures: Ensure All Safety SOP Followed for operations for Security of Passenger, Luggage Cargo And Aircraft Operations

Baggage Handling: Ensure Relavent Baggage Loaded in Relavent Aircraft, Checks on Baggage Damage, Ensure Dangerous Goods and unlawful items not Present in baggage

Passanger Handling: Ensure the Passenger Boarding procedure, make Passenger Needs by Industrial Standards, Ensure passenger are Safe and Secure on Aircraft

Cargo Handling: Planning on Cargo Loading In Aircraft, Ensure Relavent Cargo is Loaded, Check For Cargo Types and Loaded  in Plan on Loading in Right Compartment On Aircraft

Human Remains Handling: Checks on All Safety And Security Procedure For Handling Human Remains & Loaded in Right Compartment

Dangerous Goods Handling: Conduct Checks on Physical Sealing Procedure, Ensure Category of Dangerous Goods and Handling Procedure by Industrial Standards.

Flight Operations Co-ordination & Controller: Controller on Operations on Flight  operations on Safety And Security Procedure on Equipment Handling And Vehicle Handling Around Aircraft


I was Awarded Best Perdormer Of the Quarter  3 Times

I Was Recognised for my work and nearly 18times awarded ‘6E-Claps’

I was Awarded Best Helping Hand Awarded For Helping Other College

Skills Developed

Time Management

Operations Planning

Team Co-Ordinating

Discipline Of Self Presenting

Resource Handling

User Handling


Internship Trainee

Volvo Busses India PVT.LTD.,

Jan 2017 - Mar 2017

Roles & Responsibility

Problem Identifying:Identifying the Problem in Manufacturing process and Report it to higher Authority to find Solutions for the problem

Virtual Manufacturing: Apply Virtual Manufacturing Technique on Manufacture Process

Material & Resource Managing: Examine the Dimension and quality of material and resource used for usage for their effectively

Manaufacturing Process: Identifying Actual Design Process and implement our skills in Achieve Effective Outcome in Manufacturing process

Designing Dimensions: Checking Prototype Dimention and the Actual Products Dimention and Errors  


Worked With The Team And Founded a Creative Solution in Bus Charger Point

Skills Developed

Time Management

Problem Identification

Material Managing

Resource Management



B.E- Mechanical Engineering

Anna University(Chennai) | Global Institute Of Engineering & technology (Vellore)

Jul 2013 - Jul 2017

Activities & Achievements

Elected As Class Representative For 2 Years and organised the activities Related to Education & other Curicular Activities.

Co-ordinator In 3 Workshop that Are Conduct by My College Admin.

Volenter in College culturals And other Activities In College Campus.

Participants In many Seminars & Won 3rd Place in Global Warming 

Co-ordinator On Genius World Record on Human National Flag




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Fullmart India


Dec 2019 - May 2022



Date Of Birth:



#489, Narayana Swamy illam R.B Bowrilalpet Robertsonpet KGF-563122





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